Why paper?

Throughout the years and in the work process with our customers, many people have asked us why to order paper bags instead of polyethylene ones or bags made of any other materials.

There are several main reasons because of which the goods and some products are packed or presented in paper:

Paper bags are preferred by consumers because:

Paper bags, paper packaging
  • they are strong enough to carry up to 50 kg of weight with their integrity remaining intact;
  • they keep their form both during filling and after they have been filled;
  • while used in promotions, even if filled with products, paper bags keep the advertisement on them and do not crease so much because they are not so elastic;
  • they are convenient for storing household goods, loose products, etc.;
  • they can be used for packing suits, art designs, as a packing material, etc.;
  • they can be printed with an excellent quality on all types of printing machines and may be "refined" with any embossed inscriptions, lacquers, laminates, etc.

2. From an ecological point of view because they are:

  • made of renewable natural resources;
  • they may be used again and again;
  • they are biologically degradable and may be reprocessed and transformed into paper;
  • they are safe for infants.
Paper bags, paper packaging
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