Printing and handles


We have offset printing machines available with folding equipment and a finishing and manual operations workshop.

The capacities of the offset printing machines for achieving a high quality photorealistic full-color print are well known to everyone. The advertising bags we manufacture may be printed on the five sides in 1 to 6 colors; color pictures, collages, etc. may also be printed.

Printing and handles of merchandise bags

The paper color - white or brown - shall not be taken into consideration at determining the colors.

You can find below some typical printing variations in a few different colors and CMYK full-color print.

Printing and handles of merchandise bags

Each color picture consists of the four main colors.


Handles are a very important element of the paper bag.

Even if it is made of solid paper like kraft, or is beautiful - with color printing and laminate, one should have in mind that it is intended to carry products from one place to another and every unsuitable variation in respect to weight may result in tearing and unpleasant consequences for your customers.

We put cardboard pads in all advertising paper bags regardless of their size for strengthening the bottom and the handles.

We mainly work with two types of most commonly used handles:

1. Textile cord.

Depending on the material, the cord may be polyester, cotton or polypropylene.
It may have various sizes and we generally use the 4 mm of diameter.

Led by our desire to be practical, we use various lengths for the different sizes of bags to make them easy and comfortable to carry.

We offer a cord in 10 standard colors while for larger orders we may supply the customer with cord specified by them.

Printing and handles of merchandise bags

2. Punched hole for carrying.

Unlike the cord, when carrying a punched hole, the bag strength depends on the thickness of the cardboard padding at the holding place. For this reason, we use cardboard from 350 g/m2 to 1 mm pasteboard to ensure that the bag will be strong enough.

We use three types of punched hole handles depending on their form:

Printing and handles of merchandise bags
Printing and handles of merchandise bags
Printing and handles of merchandise bags

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