About us

VARNAPACK Ltd. is a company specialized in paper bags manufacturing.

The company has been manufacturing and offering to the Bulgarian market advertising paper bags, paper bags for presents and loose goods bags since 1997.

We have a printing facility and a workshop for finishing operations and manual workout located in the city of Varna.
Due to the closed manufacturing process- from the graphic design, printing and folding processes to placing of handles - we achieve an excellent performance and short delivery terms to the customers.

As a result of our experience throughout the years, we constantly improve the quality of our products and the goals we set more and more correspond to the high requirements of the fast changing market.

This website has been created to express our gratitude towards our customers and the people engaged in advertising in Bulgaria for the confidence they place in us in our mutual collaboration.

Address for contact:

Town Ignatievo, Farmyard
tel.: + 359 52 608 722
tel.: +359 893 431 778
tel.: +35 9897 844 367