Request for a quotation

The technological path from your call to the receipt of the ready products is as follows:

1. You make an inquiry via fax, e-mail or directly in our office in Varna.
Your inquiry should contain: sizes, type of paper, type of handles, number of bags that you need (the minimum quantity should be no less than 500 pieces).

Prices depend on the colouring as well.

If you do not have any knowledge of colouring (you have never ordered bags so far and you do not have a ready design) or you want to modify the graphic design partly– a text, a change of position etc., we will make all changes and make a design at your desire.

If you do not have any knowledge of printing process as a technology and you are not able to determine the coloring please, contact us or send an e-mail to Your picture and our specialist will help you to determine the coloring.

Should you have any ready designs, they must be in the suitable graphic format and must be co- oridinated with us prior to sending

2. The period of execution of an average order is from 5 to 20 days upon calculating the price of a single bag and of the stereotype blocks and depending on our current work load.

3. The finished bags are delivered in corrugated cardboard boxes which we are able to send to any address in Bulgaria by using our own transport or to any other country by a courier service.

We are waiting for you!

Address for contact:

Town Ignatievo, Farmyard
tel.: + 359 52 608 722
tel.: +359 893 431 778
tel.: +35 9897 844 367